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Wine is one of those long life beverages that is always in style! There are so many new beverages that hit the market, some stay, some go, but wine stands the test of time. With that said, what are some new trends happening in 2023? With so many wine choices, consumers are gravitating more and more to who makes the wine, where the vines grow, and the overall quality. Here are a few trends:

1. Staying local – knowing where the wine is being produced and supporting a local business. Sometimes you can even visit with the winemaker when you are visiting a local winery. This forms a bond and the experience makes you want to buy their wine.

2. Bubbly – Sparkling wines will become more of an everyday wine instead of being poured for special occasions only. Producers are seeing consumers wanting a bubbly just because. Every day can be a special day!

3. Indigenous grapes – Tasting wine from native grapes grown in a region is becoming very popular. These wines are less known, which makes them more desirable. 

4. Wine cocktails – Sangrias and spritzers are becoming wildly popular and healthy. There are many other cocktails you can make with wine and the idea is that wine is the only alcohol in the drink. Adding fresh fruits, bitters, and other ingredients makes your drink more heart healthy.

We have an entire year to try all of the trends!

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