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Glühwein is a mulled spiced wine originating in Germany back in the 15th century.

This beverage existed in plenty of cultures during the dark and chilly winter months. The German word itself directly translates to mean “glow wine” in English. This name was derived from the red hot irons used to heat the wine across the Germanic cultures when the drink first became popular hundreds of years ago. Glühwein came in a special gold plated tankard that belonged to German noblemen.

Many of the recipes have remained the same since the drink’s early days where a base of red wine is combined with the popular spices of the season, including citrus, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, and other spices, all sweetened with sugar. Some will add a shot of rum, however most people toss a good base of red wine with spices, citrus, and sugar into a crock pot and let simmer. In Germany, it’s the drink of choice when strolling through their traditional Christmas Winter Market.

Cozy up to the fireplace with a mug of this deliciousness on a cold Winter night!